Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My 3 year old visits a eye doctor

I am now in the waiting room in one of the clinics at Gleneagles hospital, and typing away on my Blackberry.

Nicole is here to see the consultant regarding a squint in her eye. If left untreated, it could become a lazy eye!

Here are some facts that I discovered, as I was reading the literature in the waiting room.

A newborn cannot see as well as an adult.
Vision continues to improve over the 1st few years of life, reaching adult levels by 4 to 5 years of age.

For normal vision development, both eyes must be straight or aligned, and each eye must see a clear image all the time.

When an eye constantly sees a blurred image,the brain will "turn off" the eye. The visual system does not develop normally, and the eye will become lazy or amblyopic.

Amblyopic is therefore poor vision in an eye that does not develop normal sight during early childhood. It is sometimes called a "lazy eye"

Ok, get ready for part 2, as we are going to see the doctor soon!

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Gwen said...

I had lazy eye!! How is Nicole :)

del said...

im having lazy eye too!!! didnt really bother about it or seriously treat it well! (i just didnt like to wear the eye patch and stuff) hence.. the degree now is like more than 600!!!

Anonymous said...

Pearlwin is also encounter blurred image, even with her specs on she sees double vision. Bringing her to Jurong Medical Center for a checkup soon. Hope Nicole's well.

ED said...


Thanks for your feedback and concern.

Nic is doing well!

She just needs to wear the patch!

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