Friday, February 27, 2009

Digital Life – Need your help :)

Just saw this Advertisement from Digital Life!

They are searching for the Top 50 websites in Singapore, and they are looking for recommendations from readers.

These Websites vary from giving tips on childcare to offering free games to teaching you how to encode or use Photoshop!

If you came across any good sites, you can email your recommendations to by March 4.

And if you have nothing in mind, you can recommend this blog !Open-mouthed

3 kids part 2

I hope all of you have enjoyed reading about my adventures with the three kids and would like to put in a good word for me!

Check out my promo line:

Ed Unloaded - Where else in the world would you find a hands-on daddy blogger with 3 kids, who offers parenting tips from a male perspective?

Your recommendations are much appreciated!

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nat said...

Bro Ed!! Just emailed them to recommend you!! haha

ED said...

ED - Nat

Tks :)

Jerb said...

U have another recommendation from me! :)

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