Monday, March 2, 2009

Hair Cut for a Pre Schooler

As part of the recession proof measures, we have decided to cut Nicole’s hair by ourselves.

Actually this is not our 1st attempt, as we have tried cutting Nathan’s hair as well. However, mummy has stopped doing that, as Nathan ended up with a real “girly” hairstyle, as we did not have the shaver.

Here are some photo’s of Nicole’s hair cut.  DSC_0004


Mummy attempting to layer and create texture on her little model! Check out the multi coloured clothes pegs!


As you can see…our little model was very cooperative on this particular occasion, and managed even to give a smile to the camera!

This was definitely much cheaper than cutting her hair at Junior League (Located near every Toys ‘R’ Us). A hair cut there cost $17!!!

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Klessis said...

errr.. i send my joey over.. u give me discount, ok?? =D

Jerb said...

HAHAHAHA! The hair cut looks very 'professional'... and Nicole definitely looked VERY happy with it!

ED said...

ED - Klessis

Can....But must allow for margin of error. :)

beaglesg said...

Did'nt know Jia Hui Had such talent. Should'nt have send my 2 girls to monsoon/twister last week :)

Klessis said...

Mmmm.. as long as dun accidentally cut her ear can already. Hahaha...

ER said...

i think every mum wants to cut their child's hair on their own..and my mum is no exception. Brave Nicole! :)

Hann Hann said...

haha. my mummy is only of those who wanta cut my hair on her own.

but hor... I only allow her to cut my hair anyway.

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Alanna Tan said...

My mum used to cut my hair when i was younger... till primary school.. goodness.. Looking back, i look just like a walking bowl! haha... yes.. i think sis jh has the talent for it..

Rulan said...

same here (: i used that method to cut my mum's hair weeks ago..
totally same method hee! using that sort of clips were slightly bigger loll.. newspaper center with hole haha! same same same hee !

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