Thursday, March 12, 2009

Outing at the "Children First" Festival


On Monday, Daddy and Mummy brought the kids to watch some of the performances at the "Children First!" Arts festival. It is an Annual Arts Festival for Kids brought in by Act 3, and we were looking forward to the performances.

As Nicole and Nathan are both in different age groups, they both watched different shows.

Nathan watched "In the Garden", while Nicole watched "The Magic Teapot".

Shows cost approximately $21/head, and we needed tickets for both Parent and Child.

Ok- Not exactly cheap, but Daddy likes to watch musicals, so we believe that early exposure is important to them!



This was Nathan's first outing to the Art's Festival, so I don't think he knew what to expect.

As it was a "Free Seating" performance, he sat with Daddy on the floor.

We barely sat down for 2 minutes, when suddenly he went "Milk...Milk!"

I think with the room dimly lilted, he thought it was bed time!

It probably did not help, that he did not have his morning feed yet, as we had to rush out of the house. 

Parenting Tip - When you go to a performance, feed your child before leaving the house! 


The performance had a cast of 2 actors, which involved "Shadow play" and the use of images on a projection unit.

It lasted for about 45minutes, and the performance managed to captivate Nathan's full attention for about 30mins. Btw, this performance was geared towards kids from 1 to 4 years old.

The performance was not exactly "engaging" for me, but the rest of the kids seemed to love the performance. In fact,there were lots of "Ooh" and "Aahs" from the older kids in the theatre. 

The festival will run from 7 to 17 March, and you can find out more details here!

Even if a performance is sold out, I saw someone buying tickets at the door, as there are probably cases of people giving up their tickets!

Nicole seemed to enjoy her performance more, as it involved song and dance. The "lucky' girl gets to watch it twice, as the school has also decided to bring her to the same performance!


Hann Hann said...

Glad Nathan and Nicole enjoyed the children's theatre.

agree on the "feed your child before leaving the house!"

For me, my mummy will also have to prepare me long before the show else I'll say "I want to go home" when we go.

She'll get the flyer for the show we're attending and tell me about it excitedly so I'll look forward to it.

ED said...

ED - Hann Hann

thanks for the feedback.

Wow...mummy goes thru the flyer with u!!!

That's so nice of her! will tell nathan about it as well :)

Shimin said...

its so cool to have kids! (: & its even cooler to have you as my bs teacher again! HA! (:

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