Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tyre Recommendations – time to change your tyres?

Since this blog is about families, I have decided to blog today about something that is really related...

Today, I am going to talk about the family car- my Toyota Wish!  And if you are a driver, this information is going to really helpful!

I have been driving my Toyota Wish for 2 years already, and it has served as a good family car.

Hitting 60,000km, I realized that it’s time to change my tyres!

I used to think that any tyre will do, but after being introduced to performance tyres by my colleague, I have been converted!

I have realized that tyres DO make a difference, as they reduce your braking distance and your driving ability!

Performance tyres

My first set of performance tyres were from Goodrich, and they stuck like glue to the ground.

I tried the Bridgestone G3 tyres next. How were they? They had quite a good grip and were good on rainy days as well. However they were a bit noisy.

I tried a “quieter” tyre next – the Bridgestone GR80.

bridgestone gr80

Bridgestone GR80

This tyre has an average grip and it is very much quieter.

My Recommendation – If u are quite a family guy, this tyre is for you!

Price – Not too expensive as well. About $95/tyre.




Which new tyre to buy?

I wanted to try something different, as I had been on Bridgestones for some time. Furthermore, I really had to change the tyres, as I have a puncture in 2 of them.

What I really wanted to try were these Michelin tyres called Pilot Preceda 2.


Michelin tyres are definitely more costly, but I wanted to try how they would feel like on the roads.

Btw, Nathan also reminds me of the Michelin Man…Check out why in this post!

Anyway, I got this recommendation from a friend who is really into cars, and also through some of the local car forums…

Through them, I got a phone number of a local contact.

Anyway this tyre shop in Ang Mo Kio is supposed to give quite decent prices. Unfortunately…the service is really terrible! Dont you just hate bad service!

I had to ‘chase’ this guy, asking him when my tyres were ready…and worse of all, he does not even bother to pick up your calls!

You call him, but he rejects your calls…Later, he will SMS back and say that he was ‘busy’ or ‘driving’…but you can never get him….Such Terrible Service.

Anyway, I will recommend getting your tyres from the shop opposite his!

Much better service, and you can even have a decent conversation with the dealer on the phone :)

They are called Soh Brothers Tyre Shop and located at Blk 4001, AMK Industrial Park. (Don’t worry, I don’t work for them) :)

To cut the long story short, I did not get the tyres I wanted (Michelin Pilot Preceda), as they did not have the measurements I needed.

Instead, I got the Michelin XM1 tyres!



I think they are quite decent tyres.

The grip is average and they are relatively quiet as well.

A plus point about the tyre is that it is definitely fuel saving.

It seems to ‘roll’ better than the Bridgestone GR-80s, and it  definitely increases fuel savings for me!

Price: They cost me $100/tyre.




Tip of the day:

If you are looking to change tyres…don’t just buy anything that the shop offers you…Try some of the tyres I mentioned above…and feel the difference.

Furthermore, it’s safer for the family as well! :)


hiseasel said...

Hi Bro Ed,

Is the shop Poh Heng, Justin or something? haaa...

Glad that you changed your tyres, that's the only contact point on the road. Michelin XM1 tyres is definitely a good choice.

Thanks for sharing your life on your kids... have been an inspiration to me and Er.


ED said...


tks for your feedback :) is that shop!

Anonymous said...

hey bro ed, i got these tyres as well but had them changed in JB. costed me like RM170/pc, so next time shd u need to change again, do it in JB => . -phil n430

ED said...


Wow. thats cheap! Next time u bring me la

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