Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Popo!


Last Sunday was Popo's (Grandma) Birthday!

We celebrated by bringing Popo out for dinner and we had the cake cutting ceremony in our home.

Coming from the restaurant, we reached home before Popo. In a bid to surprise her, we turned off the lights in preparation for her arrival (So as to give her the idea that she arrived before us)

Check out Nicole's expressions as they came into the house!

coming in

Blowing cake

As usual, Nicole and Nathan loved blowing out the cake the most!

The Durian Cake was of course a hot favorite, as we got it from our private baker!

Happy Birthday POPO!!!

We love you!!!

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Anonymous said...


Looks like a fun party!

Jerb said...

The cake looks VERY VERY good.... And did Nicole think it was her birthday again? HAHA! Her expression looked like it.

ED said...


Actually she just loves to blow out the candles, when it
comes to bdaes!

And 2ndly, she loves to eat cake!

...that probably explains her excitement!

del said...

the cake is yummy yummy!! (=
and nicole look really excited!! hahha
Nathan is getting more handsome each day!!(takes on the daddy's DNA!)
He gonna melts many hearts!!
hahahha :)

IcyKing said...

Wow! Esplanade Cake! Haha..
So cool..

Haha.. Del! He melt your heart already right? Lol

del said...

hey clarence .. he didnt only melt my heart.. he melted many many hearts! :)

Jin Lian said...

I think the photograher is good. The photos are well taken, it capture the precious moments.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so so much ...all my lovely children for making the day so so special. Indeed it was one of the best birthday celebration I ever had!
I love you all.

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