Sunday, December 7, 2008

New Milestone - Madagascar 2

Just the other day, one of my close buddies (Stanley Quek) who works in the financial industry did something really nice. He got into contact with a community organization called CityCare, and he invited about 100 orphans for a private screening of Madagascar 2 at Golden Village.


It was a really nice gesture on his part, and we were very happy to be invited as well.

The movie was extra significant for the kids, as it was Nicole's and Nathan's 1st visit to the pictures.

We got the kids ready for the new adventure, by making them take an afternoon nap.

Well, that kinda backfired a little: when they reached the theatre, they were still in their 'sleepy mode!'

We took out the camera, and got them to take some pictures outside the theatre. Check out their nice smiles! :(

I will not be sending this photo to KODAK!


The good news is, when the movie started, the kids began to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the movie.

Nicole likes the song - 'You got to move it, move it!' She kept on giggling to herself, as she saw the animals move to the Song.

Check out the Kids after the movie!

It was a whole new world!!!

After movie 1

They were laughing and hugging after the movie, and they even asked me to take pictures of them.

Proves that adults just can't live their lives based on emotions alone too: if we do, we become very irritable people!

(That was my revelation)

If these photos do not convince you that my little girl is happy. Check out the video of Nicole "Moving It".

Look out the back-up dancer (Nathan) trying to get into the act as well!!!

Before I go : I've got an announcement to make!!!

I will be removing my TAG BOARD / CBOX (The comment board you see on the right toolbar)

- Not because I don't value your feedback and comments. On the contrary, all Bloggers love feedback!

- It is because the tags don't stay with the posts, and they disappear after a while

- I would really appreciate it if you could leave me comments instead, by clicking the comments icon after every post!

- Leave your comments there and after I confirm they are not SPAM comments, they will appear at the bottom of the post.

- Will really appreciate your continual feedback, comments and VOTES!!! (Hee..Hee!)

Btw, do you know that the TAG BOARD is a very Asian thing? You don't find it on American Blogs!


San said...

Congrats on being "cbox-less" tooooooo! ;)

And Nic is so cute! I love the video!

ED said...


tks for being the 1st person to leave comments in this "cbox-less" paradigm! :)

Lynx said...

WoW! Nicole is really really cute lol!, especially her dance along with the Move it Move it song =)

kailin said...

haha! they look really grumpy in the first picture. but nicole seem to really enjoy herself after that. and yeah thumb's up for the show! :-)

ED said...

ED - Lynx


ED said...

ED - Kailin

ya...their faces say it all.

I got forced to take this picture!

Jerb said...

The kids are so cute as usual...! I like Nic's Action...! =)

torance, said...

they are super cute!=D

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