Thursday, December 18, 2008

A New Chapter


Check out the glorious mess, as we packed our life into boxes and prepared for the big move!

This was our first move after staying in our previous place for the last 7 years. It proved to be a very hectic week for the whole family.

Nathan felt lost with the whole mess... (btw, the entire lot of boxes behind him are ALL toys!!!)

Lost boy

We are so glad that the leaders and members made the whole move easy for all of us! Couldn't have done it without their help!

In fact, we managed to move all our belongings to the new place in two full days! Quite a miracle!

Today is Day 3 in our new home. The Good News is that the kids have been sleeping well, but we are still trying to find holes and corners to stuff all our boxes.

I just tried walking to the kitchen in the dark, as I wanted to make myself a hot drink. Not as easy as it used to be! :)

There is still a lot of things to get used to... just now, I took a stroll round the estate in the middle of the night while my wife strummed the guitar. I wanted to find out how loud the noise would be, when I played the guitar in the middle of the night! Sounds like I can't really play very loud!

But I am very thankful for a great environment, and looking forward to my new adventures in the East!


davidang said...

YES! EAST is the place to be! WOO!

San said...

Welcome to the East too! ;)

wenwinner said...

I am looking forward to be back to the East.. Likely 2010 when my house is up! =)

ED said...


Looks like I may try your ban li soon!

ED said...


Thanks :)

ED said...


looks like more and more of us are shifting to the east!

Jayme Shing said...

yea! we will call you for supper! East is a great place! :D

kailin said...

Haha yes, Edmund you gotta try the Ban Li! :-P

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