Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas with the Leaders

We had our 1st party at our new place over the Christmas holidays, and it was a real blast!!!


We had great food, thanks to Edmund Tan - and what made it better was the chocolate cake. It's a real steal at $28, and much better than many of the cakes that are sold at the shops! If you want chocolate cake, his sister has got my recommendation!

We started the games at 9pm but, I did not know that so many of the leaders were fans of "The Little Nyonya" (A MediaCorp 8 Chinese Serial that runs on weekdays). In fact, I had to cast out the "Nyonya" addiction, by turning off the TV during the commercial break. :)

The games were fun, as our creativity was tested using Plasticine. However, I think the most challenging part of the game was not molding the Plasticine, but trying to decipher the instructions from our games master! (He is not very clear with his instructions)

We all had fun with the Christmas gift exchange, and I am sure many of us got the gifts that we wanted! The speeches that came with every gift was also very encouraging and funny as well (Zhifu's 6 pack present from Tian Yi was the funniest!)

xmas party 1

Many Thanks to the leaders for making this party possible, as it was mainly due to their hard labour, that made the house so clean and homely!

xmas party 2

Looking forward to our Year End Countdown together, where we will get to fellowship and close the year together!

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Jerb said...

Yea, we had great fun! And Zhifu's wish really did come true! 6 packs... HAHA!

Amber said...

Silly Sore Eyes that stop me from going out....I wish I was there too! :)

Jin Lian said...

Tianyi really gave us a good Laugh!

To Jerb - Hope the vision from Zhifu to you & Jared come true as well. hee

jotoh said...

Zhifu! You've found your match!

ED said...


Zhifu told me, that at first he really thought that Tianyi's gift was for REAL!!!

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