Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Our New Home

In a few days time, the whole family will be kicking off on a new Adventure! We will be moving from our current home to a rented apartment in the East.

Financially, we have many great things to testify about.

When we got married, we wanted to stay near my parents and make use of the government grants. So we bought a flat in the central/northern area of Singapore. As this was a resale unit in a matured estate, we did not expect to make much of a profit when we eventually moved.

After 7 years, we felt that it was time to move.

Coming home from work one day in June, I felt that it was a 'kairos' time to sell the house. I told my wife about it, and we immediately contacted our property agent.

She evaluated the house, we did a bit of spring cleaning and painting...and within 2 weeks the house was sold!

The Good News is that we managed to make a healthy profit from the sale of the house! PTL!

Within the same month, newspapers reported that resale prices were at it's highest (Which means we got the best possible price for the house) and in the month following, the American and European economies reported a new wave of financial troubles with the collapse of Lehman Brothers.

The sale of the house was truly conducted at the best possible time!

On Mon, we started cleaning the new apartment.

There was really so much to do, and we really want to thank our cleaning crew for coming down to help us.

With their help, we managed to clean the house in a day! If not, it would have probably taken us at least a week!

This is what one of our chief workers looked like!


Many Thanks to: Jared, Jerblinn, Jin Lian, Suting, Shiying, David, Joanne, Amber, Stephanie, Delphine, Sandy, Bernice, Joycelyn, Tianyi, Richard, Alfred and Yan Ming.

You guys made cleaning the house FUN! :)

shifting house

Really appreciate all your help, considering many of you hardly clean the house at home. Love you guys!

We will be moving our furniture soon...will keep everyone updated!


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