Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ho Yeow Sun is Home!

This morning at 5.26 am, Sun Ho landed at terminal 3 in Changi Airport.

She has been America for 1.5 years, recording her English Album, and Sun is back for a short holiday.

Coming Home

All of us are really happy to see Sun and Dayan, as it has been some time since they came back to Singapore. It is going to be a time for us to catch up with her as well! :)

Many of the fans came early in the morning to receive her, and when she was spotted at the arrival hall, everyone was really excited!

Here are some pictures of the fans:

IMG_2105IMG_2109sun collage

sun with fans Before I go, here's a short video clip of the fans singing to her.

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Alanna Tan said...

WOoHoo! haha... Only if we cld have a closeup dinner with SUN.. haha.. SO NEAR YET SO FAR... we didnt give her our hugs.. haha..

mberenis said...

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ED said...


Tks for your feedback. Yes! Love her music too and visited your site as well!

eVelyN== said...

haha wow you're so fast in uploading!!
i saw myself in the pictures. hahah! :D

IcyKing said...

Ahh!!! SO JEALOUS! I MISSED THE EVENT! It has really been a long time since I've seen Sun.. Really miss her alot too.. Indeed, her songs are always so heartfelt.. Gives a feeling no other singers can deliver...

ED said...


Thanks :) I think we all had a good time waiting for SUN

ED said...

ED - Icyking

You can join us, when we send her off from the airport! :)

Marc said...

I am glad many fans went down to welcome Sun back. She has been missing in action for the longest time man, and lets hope next year there will be more updates about her, as promised.

Good luck to her debut English album too, anyone knows when it will be released?

ED said...

I heard that it is coming out in june!

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