Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Teacher's Day

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Yes, it is September 1, and it's TEACHER'S DAY!

I remember as a student, this day meant NO SCHOOL!! Yeah! Above that, it was also a time for us to appreciate our teachers. My mum 'trained' us from young to appreciate our teachers with homemade gifts. This was what I gave my teachers:

Primary 1-3    Little baskets of flower arrangements

Primary 4-6    Home-made cards

Sadly, when I reached secondary school, I treated Sept 1 purely as a holiday. I was contented to just clap a little harder for the teachers I like in school during the annual teacher's day concert.

In fact, it was 'cool' not to do anything. I had a friend whose Dad owns a popular cookie company. Her parents would get for her nice cookie gift packages for all the teachers. But the recipients would be all of us! None of it went to the teachers!

Looking back, I'm really quite ashamed of how we neglected to affirm our teachers and thank them.

Now that Nicole is in school, and I've seen how all her teachers commit themselves to teaching her and being involved in her life, AND how they were so concerned when she fell off the slide, I was determined to show my appreciation for them.

First, we got all the teachers and staff our family's favorite Durian cake.  We gave them on Thursday, as we anticipated lots of various cakes/snacks/cookies/cupcakes would be given to them on Friday. They LOVED it!


Then we prepared envelopes to pack in gifts for them. A fortnight ago, Nicole & I went to Aldo Accessories (as strongly and wisely recommended by another mummy) and found a galore of bracelets, necklaces, wallets etc for the teachers.

So last night, Nicole spent the whole night drawing and decorating each of the envelope. I think it looks really colorful and the design is e-x-c-l-u-s-i-v-e!

teacher's day

Aside - you can see my limited Mandarin!

Today, when we were in school, we handed Ms Serene - her class teacher, the gift. She was very happy, and said she would assist to distribute the rest. I found out later that Nicole went around with Ms Serene and personally gave each of them the gift and they got her to open the gifts for them! What a great idea!

This afternoon, I received thank you sms-es from her teachers. They were really very happy with the gifts! It feels good to be a blessing! 

Well, my daughter did her bit to thank her teachers this year. She may not have understood it (for a while, she thought it was everyone's birthday!), but it's a good start!

So to all the teachers, especially to all my teachers--Happy Teacher's Day! Have a good break!

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Joycie said...

So sweet!~ Can i be her teacher too.. HAHA..=)

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