Saturday, August 16, 2008

National Day and Nicole Performing

Just recently on August the 9th, Singapore celebrated it's National Day.

National day

We had our annual parade at the Esplanade, but unfortunately it was a real 'downer'. This was because everyone had just seen the opening ceremony of the "Beijing Olympics" the night before.

I don't think we can make even a close comparison between the 2. One is like "Wow..", while the Singapore Parade is like "Why so few people?!?"

However, the highlight for our family, was watching Nicole perform at her annual national day performance.

It was a day of great anticipation, as both sets of grandparents were coming to watch it.

As we entered the school, we were greeted with many balloons lining the fence. Guess whose photo, we found hanging under 1 balloon!


DSC_0070 There were also lots of games for the children to play as well. Check out Nic, as she plays, "Pin the tail on the flag!"

national collage

The highlight of the day, was of course when the children gathered, and they showcased their class performances! Here is our little girl doing "Singapura" - She has been singing this song, all week long!

national collage 2

Check her out in action in the video below:

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jiejie bear said...

nicole tay really look like a little angel here.. she's a sweetie ! =D

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