Saturday, August 9, 2008

Forest Adventure - A Real Adventure

Mummy Blogger writes...

I conquered my fears recently!

Or rather, I conquered one of my fears!

It's not the fear of height, cos I'm ok looking out of the windows when I'm in a high-rise building. It's not fear of adrenaline cos I love taking roller coaster rides. Maybe after reading, you can put a word to it!

Two weeks ago, the adults in our zone had a most EXCITING and I-DON'T-KNOW-WHY-I-AGREED-TO-THIS time! We went for Forest Adventure!

It's an aerial course through the trees comprising ladders, bridges, swings, nets, trapezes and slides where participants move unaccompanied, from tree to tree, 5 meters above ground.

Well, I put that in bold, cos selected activities were 8 meters above ground. (that's like 4 storeys high off a HDB flat!)

When we first decided on this activity, there's lots of overcoming I had to face personally! Well, I made up my mind, just do it! Can't be that bad. There's safety harness, lots of people tried it. No accidents, no deaths.

On the actual day, the leaders went down for a quick chat with the instructors. They showed us the route.


We had to get across the reservoir and back! Well, the way to do it was via the Flying Fox. Look at me when I was doing the trial and again for the real thing.


I would love to show you more photos, but due to to highly skilled photographers' techniques of taking many of us (actually me!) in the most unflattering posture, with strange never-seen-before bulges, I can only show you a glimpse of what we went through...

The highlight of the entire route was the 8m high Tarzan swing. This was very high and took heaps of faith to leap off the platform. As this was the 2nd last stop to the entire trail, many of us just took a deep breath, close our eyes and leapt off. No pictures for this stop cos some things are better left to sketches! (thanks to N116's Joy for her sketch! Read her review here!)



At the end, we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and we had a

GREAT time! Really.


To all who went for Forest Adventure that day, thank you for being so brave, so game and so sporting to participate! I would not have been able to go through all of it and conquered my fears without you guys!


shachew said...

Where is this??
Gosh it looks soooooooooo fun, esp the Tarzan swing!!!

ED said...

ED - Shachew

At Bedok Reservior.

Very Near Civilization:)

ED said...

ED - Shachew

At Bedok Reservior.

Very Near Civilization:)

Mockingbird said...

Not high enough above the ground leh. Not enough kick. It would be great if they can have a feature where one can jump off a 10m tall pole to catch a flying trapeze :)

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