Monday, August 18, 2008

Beijing Olympics, Lip Sync & Fake Fireworks!

Is 'face' really that important!?!


I was not at home to watch the opening ceremony for the Beijing Olympics, but all I heard was good reviews.

I learnt that China made us proud, by putting up an outstanding opening ceremony and that the whole event was flawless!

However, as the games started, the world began to hear rumors about fakes and lip syncing!

Well, it turned out to be true!

Lin Miaoke, the 9 year old girl who sang Ode to the 'Motherland' was Lip syncing. The voice actually belonged to another girl who was yanked from the opening ceremony at the 11th hour.

The reason being, she just did not look good enough, as she had chubby cheeks and crooked teeth!

Above that, the live images of the fireworks during the opening ceremony, were not "live" at all. Some images were pre-recorded to give the impression of flawless perfection!

Frankly, I think the Chinese already out-did themselves with the content of the ceremony. The show would have been perfect already, without these little 'extras'.

It could have saved itself from this Public Relations Disaster, if it just kept things straight! The same thing about life, is that when the dust settles; people will always remember the controversies.

It will be interesting to see how history records these games!  

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Mockingbird said...

If the producers just kept quiet about the girl lip-synching and fireworks generated by visual effects, no one in the world would ever know.

Visually, the opening ceremony had to be 100% perfect. So a plain-looking girl with a missing tooth is definitely a no no.

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