Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Day Out With a 18 Month Old

Nathan had a full day program today with Mummy! And we had great fun!

In the morning, we left for church. (Nicole was down with a fever, so she stayed home with Weng & Nadine to rest) Nathan was shy and hesitant to be around people in the morning.

But during the service, he warmed up considerably, as he played in the nursery. He really loves Lego! LEGO-DUPLO-BULK-SET

This is how he plays: 

1. Stack a brick

2. Look at you

3. Clap enthusiastically

4. Look at you and move your hands to clap

5. When you clap, he'll smile and squeal. And proceed to stack another brick

It was great joy watching him play, and affirming him.

After service, we went for lunch at Old Airport Road Hawker. Ohh! He really warmed up, cos there were lots of food! My cell group members took turns to feed him, brought him around to buy food, and walked around the market.

When we got home, we quickly changed to get ready for Danzel's party! Unfortunately, as Nicole was still running a temperature, only Nathan turned up for the party.


It was FUN FUN FUN!! I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.


mastering the tunnel


* S.O.C - Standard Obstacle Course


What a great day! On our way home, he was humming some song. It didn't last long though. After two minutes, he knocked out. The boy must have been so tired after a full day of activities!

Check out a short clip I managed to get while he was climbing... (pardon the abrupt end!)


kailin said...

Nathan resembles so much like the both of you! And he is so adorable! :-)

ED said...


Tks....he is getting more and more cheeky everyday!

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