Monday, August 18, 2008

Nicole fell from the slide

Friday was quite an adventure!

I received an SMS from my wife that Nic fell from the slide at school!


The slide in question is around the same height as the one pictured above!

It seems that our little girl, did not sit down properly while at the top, and she fell, face first to the ground. The good thing was that she did not fall on her head!

Mummy went down and picked her up and brought her to Gleneagles Hospital for a check up.

Praise God, as the X-rays showed that she was alright and we had nothing to worry about.

She was a bit stunned and lost as she went through the whole ordeal, and she had bruises on her face, as a result of the fall.

brave collage

The teachers at school remarked that Nicole was very brave, and she did not really cry much after the fall. You can see the bruises on her forehead, cheeks and lips, if you look closely at the photo.

If you are wondering how Nicole is, she has been well and kicking!  She also enjoyed the fuss over her on Sunday when she went to church. All the Uncles and Aunties gathered around her to fill up her love tank!

Here's our little Girl!


Posing for a shot, just before bedtime!

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