Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Asia Conference at City Harvest Church

My apologies for not blogging the whole week, as we have been busy with the biggest Conference in City Harvest Church - The Asia Conference.

It has been a really tiring week for us, as we have sessions in the mornings, electives in the afternoons, and sessions again in the night.

The first night was really eventful for us as a family, as the kids were involved in the Parade of ministries. It is basically an event that showcases some of the ministries where our members can utilize their gifts.

The kids were involved, and I was looking forward to see them walk with the floats and the rest of Children's Church.

I stood in front and I managed to catch the parade on my blackberry bold (This explains why the video is grainy as well - This is not one of the strengths of the phone)

Aiya! Should have brought my digital camera to cover the event!

Anyway, what really caught me by surprise was Nathan sleeping through the whole event. He was sleeping in the stroller as the parade marched past!

My friend who was pushing him along, was pointing Nathan out to me as they went past (Looks like my boy can sleep through anything, as there were 8500 people in the hall - cheering and clapping)

The video ends with Nicole - I was shouting out to her, but there were so many people - I don't think she knew where to look!

I think it was quite a milestone for them - as they have a chance to be involved in something of this scale at such a young age. :)

Nicole and Nathan also enjoyed watching the video as I was uploading it. Nic kept on pointing out her friends to me, as they marched past!

Will blog more about the conference in my next post...But meanwhile enjoy the video.


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