Friday, November 7, 2008

Parenting Blogs

As a "new" parent (this term is relative), we always find solace and comfort with our friends.

Due to my interest in Blogging, there are certain parent blogs that I frequent. In fact, most of them belong to my colleagues at work.

I think it's actually kind of weird that we hardly talk about our kids in person, but we catch up with the kids on each other's blog - such is the contradiction of technology.


If you are wondering what blogs I read, here are my picks:


Klessis' Blog - This was the very 1st parenting blog I visited. I was so inspired by her, that I decided to do my own (Hee...Hee! Bet she didn't know that!). Anyway this busy mother does not just have 1 blog, but she maintains 3 Blogs. She also makes lunch for little Joey with really cool Bento Sets


Sandra's Blog - Our history in City Harvest Church goes way back - We used to be CG members, when she was still in NTU. She is now a mother with an adorable son, and also a heavy blogger like myself. 

and my last colleague is:


Dawn's Blog - Little Denise happens to be Nicole's good friend. As they are school mates in school, Denise is the older sister that Nicole never had. They both have similar eating habits as well. Both of them love DONUTS!!!

and not forgetting ...there is one foreign parenting blog that I always follow.

Karen Cheng - This mother is based in Perth, Australia. She is really quite BIG in the blogsphere, and even had a party for all her fans when she came down to Singapore this year. Fans of Karen take pictures of themselves in front of the mirror, and call it "Doing the Karen Cheng". A interesting read!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your ideas on being a parent and for referring us on to other blogs as well. I'm sure parents find solace and feel refreshed on your blog.

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