Thursday, November 6, 2008

Praying and Giving in City Harvest Church

Last weekend, it was finally time for us to pledge to the Church Building Fund.


We pledged our best to the Lord and our kids gave their best as well.

We brought their little "Piggy Banks" to church, and they will be contributing for this Arise and Build!

This week, we also started on our early morning prayer. Held on a monthly basis for a whole week, the church gathers every morning at 645am to pray to 8am at various venues.

Today is Day 4. We are a little tired, but it has really been refreshing to wake up early to seek the Lord, and to get disciplined with our prayer lives.


I have been going to the Kreta Ayer Center, which is proving to be a real hit with our Shenton Way crowd, as it is near their offices.

The venue at Paya Lebar is usually fully packed, so this is a good alternative, if you are looking for more room to pray.

So proud of u guys for really persevering and making a commitment to pray every morning!


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