Sunday, November 16, 2008

Chocolate Donuts and Biscuits

The kids just love chocolate!

In fact, they love anything chocolate - from chocolate biscuit, chocolate donuts to hot chocolate.

What makes things worse is that they are really messy eaters.

Just look at Nathan:

cheeky nic

It doesn't help when the kids love the really messy varieties of Donuts as well.

They love it whenever we go to Suntec City, as it means Donut Factory.

donut factory

Nicole really loves the double chocolate donuts and she makes a real mess of herself as bites thru the donut.

The kids are also really smart about their food as well.

When I buy them their donuts, Nicole will request for certain strategic locations to eat her food.


What do I mean?!?

Nicole refuses to eat her DONUTS in the office Nursery!

The reason: if she eats it there, she would need to share it with the other kids (This is what we call true survival instincts!)

What can I say?

My daughter can really keng!!! (colloquial term for looking after herself)

Check out this video below, where you will see the power of chocolate biscuits:

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shachew said...

I like how Nicole will help her lil bro to get in on the "blessings" ... eg. raising his hand! :)

Dad S said...

Great Blog!

You take really quality photos too! Great kids!

I have started a new blog focused on the funny and often thought provoking things kids say using their own set of “logic” and thought.

It is called

I am reaching out to blogs like yours and inviting you to share some of your own fun stories where kids say and express themselves.

I will, of course, link back to your blog.

To submit – just comment on any post or send me an email to

Thanks and I hope to hear from you!

Dad S

ps – I voted for you in the Blogger Choice Awards!

ED said...

ED-Dad S

Tks for your feedback and vote!
Really appreciate it.

Will be hopping over to your blog to catch some of the parenting action there!

Hann Hann said...

Super cute!

Do you guys always ask the kids who wants what? (like in the market video too)

It makes everything seems exciting and fun.

and Nicole's so sweet taking care of her brother as well.

I love chocolate biscuits too. in fact chocolate anything. but my mummy won't allow me to eat them.

ED said...

ED-Hann Hann

Tks for your encouraging feedback :)

No la...we don't ask all the time, its just a phase we are going thru..:)

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