Saturday, November 29, 2008

Food Blogs - Good places to eat in Singapore

We decided to go out and eat tonight and my wife asked me to look for a good place to eat.

That used to be a real problem, as we are usually quite adventurous and always looking for somewhere new to eat. The good news is that with the Internet, there is always good resource close by!

If you are looking for somewhere cheap to eat, where quality is guaranteed, these are some good food blogs to check out.

1. Hungry Go Where hungry go where

This is a good site, where it allows you to search for places to eat via location.

You can search via budget, via credit card promotions and via cuisine

A Plus - the interface allows you to search for a place to eat via recommendation. For example, You can search under Supper, Girl's nite out, Family dining or Romantic First Date (Quite a useful function)

A Minus - The food recommended from this site may not always be fantastic - this is because it is dependent on reviews from consumers. There may be a few overly enthusiastic store owners selling their food behind the scenes.

But if you are really looking for quality, check out this food blog:

2. I Eat, I Shoot, I post!


Started and maintained by a medical doctor, this blogger has a real fondness for good food and photography.

Expect great shots of local favorites like Char Keow Teow, Wan Ton Mee and great recommendations for where to find them as well.

You will find a large selection of western and eastern cuisines in this blog, and this is the food bible that my wife and I depend on most of the time.

A Plus - This guy is a real food connoisseur, and he has been to almost every coffee shop and restaurant in Singapore, so expect great food from this guy!

A Minus - The interface is not as friendly, and you don't get a map to tell you how to get to the place.

Overall View - If you use these 2 blogs, you can never go wrong in looking for a bargain and quality food in Singapore.


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