Friday, December 28, 2007

Grandma's Birthday

Last week was Grandma's Birthday Dinner. We decided to try out a new restaurant, and we went to Sabai Fine Thai at Takashimaya. It was certainly a "Fine Thai Experience!"

The dinner 'kicked off' with some rice crackers that really melted in our mouths.

Appertisers of popiah were 'mouth-watering'. It wasn't 'flakey' like when you u eat regular fried popiah and u can only taste flour. This popiah was just made with the right proportions!

Stuffed drumsticks were really good! I really like chicken, so u can guess that it was one of my favourite dishes!

Thai duck red curry was really sedap! However, u got to have a really good appetite for chilli to 'stomach' this dish. I was drinking lots of water, as i tasted the curry, and my bro looked like he just came out of the sauna!

The Sea Bass came with a very nice tangy sour sauce. Nicole was drinking it as soup!

Desserts of mango and durian puri was also DELICIOUS! The mango was really heavenly and the durian puree is a must try for durian lovers.

To end the party, we sang "Happy Birthday" to my mum, and also we tried the 'Rocky Road Mouse Cake' from "little foot". My wife likes it as it comes with rich chocolate with generous sprinkle of marshmallows within the cake. I personally prefer the 'durian cake' that he has!(Click here-as i blogged about it earlier)

Overall, the restaurant is a bit pricey but the food definitely worth trying! I think it would do well for special occasions and company lunches - when u are ready to spurge on a meal. On the average, we paid about $50 a person for the fine thai dining experience.


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