Thursday, December 13, 2007

Santa Claus

How can any Xmas be complete without Santa Claus?

Just finished teaching on the subject of Legalism and Antinominism, and one of the subject matters I did some research on is Santa Claus.

Some parents today have made laws that have objected to their children being educated about the man in the red suit.

Conservative Christians deem it as a 'taboo' subject, which should be shielded from our kids.

It should go into the same corner as elves, pixies, Harry Potter and the magic faraway tree - Detrimental to the development of the child.

Objections range from:

  • Rearrange the word Santa and you get the word Satan
  • Santa is the devil's tool to distract your children from Jesus
  • You will be lying to your kids
  • How can u teach your children about breaking in and entering a house?
  • Kids will be permanently 'scarred' when they find out the truth!

What do I think?

First of all, Hands up for those who were emotionally 'scarred' when they found out the truth!

NO rite..."I just went really? No Santa? Oh Good, now I know who I need to 'bug' for this years' presents!"

Books like Enid Blyton about the 'Magic Faraway Tree' only stirrs up pleasant memories of fun and cool memories of biscuits that had 'special' powers. - Santa stories and presents fall into the same category.

In my view, Santa only enhances the fun children fun have, without threatening their faith.

Even James Dobson and Jack Hayford (Heavyweights in the Christian World), feel excited about a figure who teaches giving and loving during the holiday season!

My kids will definitely love Xmas and Santa!!!


clementino said...

Hey, Clement here!
Your posts are really interesting haha, I really enjoy reading your blog!
God Bless. ;DDD

Ed said...

Thanks...really appreciate your feedback!

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