Friday, December 7, 2007

The Power of Asking

Nicole demonstrated the Power of Asking this week with mummy.

Mummy decided to bring Nic with her when she went shopping earlier this week. As there were a lot of impt bdaes just round the corner, Mummy was walking in and out of shops looking for good buys.

The only thing was that Nic was feeling tired and hungry, just as they started their shopping trip.

In order to distract the little gal, Mummy promised Nicole a 'chocolate bun!'

As they were at the Taka end, nearest to Wisma, they were a good distance to "St Leaven's" bakery. In shopping distance (due to going in and out of shops), this was about 1km away - Very, very far, for a hungry, grouchy girl!

As they moved in and out of shops, Nic will always look at mummy and say, "Mummy, chocolate bun?"

Going into another boutique, Nic will twist her little head and say sweetly again, "Mummy, where's my chocolate bun?"

As they went on shopping, she would go, "Mummy, I want my chocolate bun!", to just simply "Chocolate Bun!"

With her kind of persistence and asking, Nic got her CHOCOLATE BUN!

But to add on...Due to her persistence, Mummy got her a CHOCOLATE CROISSANT & a CHOCOLATE BROWNIE as well, as mummy felt guilty for making her wait!

WOW! Imagine what God can do when we ask Him persistently!


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