Friday, December 21, 2007

Running out of things to Blog?

In Japan, there is this lady whose blog has about 300 occasional readers, and the blog is all about what she had for lunch! In fact her blog is called "I had my lunch" !!

According to 'The Straits Times', while bloggers in America blog to stand out, the Japanese do it to fit in. In fact, the above blogger mentioned is so 'bland' in her blogging that she gets no online comments or feedback from her readers - even though she is hoping she might.

This is so different from us bloggers in Singapore ... we put in personal stuff, unique to ourselves and effectively, we always try to stand out!

Personally, I blog to communicate to my audience, and to share my revelations to a wider audience!

And another BIG difference is that we, Singapore Bloggers love it when u guys give positive feedback, COMMENT and TAG! And of course when u vote for me too!

My site was nominated for Hottest Daddy Blogger!

Hee.hee... Thanks for voting, if u have done so! (Click on the icon, if u have not)

BTW, Christmas services are starting in 24 hours time, so let's keep on praying and believing for a great revival!

And before i go, here's something really funny that I heard on the radio:

If Santa needed one of the reindeers to go and get coffee, which one will he ask?

Answer: Rudolph, as he is the "Star-BUCK!"

*Buck: the male of the deer, antelope, rabbit, hare, sheep, or goat


Abby said...

EH! i still blank- ntg to blog abt LEH! hahaha. nice blog.

lovie said...

She blogs about her lunch, you mean? That means she will need to have different dishes practically everyday, if not people will get bored eventually, right?

Sweet Mummy said...

You're joking, right? I mean about anybody ever running out of things to blog. I have SO many things to blog about and I don't have nearly enough time to blog it all. I don't think I'll be documenting my lunch any time soon! That's too funny!!

ED said...

Guys-Did not mention in the post. She even censors her post, when the lunch is not good. She will not blog about a bad lunch, as it will give the restaurant a bad name! she will just give neutral comments!

Vanessa said...

Hello. Came upon your blog through innit. Nice blog. :]

clementino said...

Waha! Well I guess theres more than ocassional readers on your blog ;DD I think its regular instead haha! Interesting posts + Interesting person = Everything worthwhile to read about ;DD

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