Monday, December 17, 2007

Party Packed Weekend

Nic had 2 parties to go to last weekend.

The 1st one involved Mummy's Forum Friends, where she had a fun time making cookies.
Nic is far from 'ladylike' when it comes to decorating her cookie, but she really enjoyed 'messing around'!
U can see her decorating...and uh..hmm..eating the decorations, most of the time!

On Sunday, she went to Denise's Bdae Party. This was a 'milestone' for Nic, as it was her...
1st Mcdonald's Bdae Party.

She was so excited about it, that she refused to take her afternoon nap. 'Blackmail' seems to work at her age, as we told her that, she does not sleep, she cannot go....In a flash...she closed her eyes...and was ready to go to sleep. :) If only Denise's Bdae Party is 'on' every day!

Once there, Nic took on a totally different persona.
She was shy and clinging on to Daddy for dear life!

Tried to get her involved in 'Musical Chairs' but she was not too interested. In fact, she did not really join in the games at all. Just when i nearly gave up hope on her....
Nicole started jumping up and down when the Food trolley came! I hope this does not mean, that she is going to marry a chef, when she grows up!

Nic with Denise - The Birthday Gal
Btw, Nic is really talking like 'Rod Stewart' at the moment, as she lost her voice from eating too many chocolates!
I guess, u can tell, that she is enjoying the Christmas Season....


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