Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Nathan ate the fork!

Plastic fork

One of the great things about my kids is that they eat very well.

We don’t have a problem with them eating too little or not eating at all. Of course, they do have their little ‘quirks’. In the sense, that they can be fussy about certain foods.

Nathan does not like bread and Nicole loves her spaghetti!

Recently, mummy had a scare with Nathan…

As she was busy feeding him in church, he bit off one of the ends of the plastic fork.

Mummy and a friend tried to take it out of his mouth, but unfortunately it was too late! ….it was already in his little tummy!

Good thing that it did not hurt when he went to the toilet the next day!

Looks like No more plastic forks for Nathan!!!

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Jayme Shing said...

Nathan ate the fork?!?!! oh no!!! hahaha but its quite funny to read that! Thank God he is okay!

Unknown said...

O no! I hope Nathan is alright!

Ed or Edmund Tay said...

ED - Jerb

Of course la :) our little boy has got a strong tummy!

Natalie said...

Nathan is strong!! To eat the fork!! AMazing little boy!!

Ed or Edmund Tay said...


Haha...I hope u mean he ate a small piece of the fork...If he ate the whole fork...I don't think I will be so amused myself :)

Hann Hann said...

My uncle ate a piece of the foam cups you use in fast food restaurants for hot drinks when he was a toddler.

i reckon you have to be careful with disposables and children.

talking about fork, my papa showed me a scary picture of a fork poking thru' a boy's nose to warn me from playing with forks.
very effective so far.

shall i ask him to send you the picture?

Ed or Edmund Tay said...

ED-Hann Hann

Sure...I hope it's not too scary :)

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