Monday, April 6, 2009

We are featured on Young Parents!

young parents

In this month’s “Young Parents”, the Tay family had the chance to be featured in the magazine!

It is truly a great experience as we have never been featured before, and we were simply awed at the opportunity (even though the article is a short one, and we are only a sixth of that piece!).

The feature is about how to put your kids to sleep. This of course is something EVERY parent faces! For us, we have to get more creative each day as the kids seem to be increasing in energy as the days past.

Many thanks to our friend Rosemary for interviewing us as well! Do grab a copy to read more about us!


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Mummy Kless said...

This is so cool! =D You are getting famous!

Unknown said...

Wah! Okie! Will go grab a copy! :)

del said...


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